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We’re losing funding not teenagers….

18 October 2010

Adding a youth shelter to an existing skatepark or MUGA can extend the reach and community value of those facilities says Steve Evans, Managing Director of youth shelter specialists, rekk Limited.

Youth shelters such as the new Tube™ Ti15S2 (pictured) attract all 12-16 year olds including those unable or unwilling to take part in the activities themselves.  And according to Steve, they also draw young people away from places and facilities designed for others including such diverse hang outs as toddler play areas, shop fronts and car parks.

He said: “Money is tight but teenagers still need to be catered for so Councils and Community Groups need to look at ways to get more value from existing facilities like skateparks, ball courts and BMX tracks.”

“Teenage seating is often ignored in the design of active schemes despite the number one unprompted request from 12-16 year olds being ‘a place of our own for us to meet friends’.”

“A typical youth shelter project costs £12K and appeals to funding bodies as it is a small, capital purchase, self-evident when it’s done and quick to complete.  The lead time is no more than 5 weeks and installation is complete within a single day.”

“If you have no existing teenage provision, a youth shelter is a great way to start.  It gives you the opportunity to engage with the local youth group, get them involved in a community project involved and show them you’re serious about giving them somewhere to meet their friends.”

“And if you already have active facilities, adding a purpose built youth shelter will attract those teenagers not so interested in taking part, such as young girls, but who want to be involved and socialise.  It will also extend the stay for the current users, especially when the weather turns wet.” 

If you would like to find out more about youth shelters, ask for a FREE copy of rekk’s exclusive guide ‘6 steps to a successful youth shelter’.

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