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Kenton School – Newcastle

19 October 2010

Kenton School – Newcastle, is one of the largest secondary schools in the UK.

Over 2100 pupils fill its classrooms and halls every day bringing with them a myriad of challenges for the maintenance team. Walls, doors and ceilings get scuffed, marked and damaged with the constant ebb and flow of the students and at first keeping up with the constant need for redecoration seemed to be an impossible task.

“We would paint a wall clean during the holidays and within one week of the kids being allowed back in it would look just as bad” says the site manager “that’s until we applied easy-on from Urban Hygiene. Now the walls hardly mark at all and if an ardent student does manage to lay dawn a scuff mark we simply wipe it off with a cloth.”

Kenton’s success story is being repeated by Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Councils and Housing associations all over the World who are specifying easy-on to protect their walls. Simply applied over existing paint easy-on dries to form a non-stick, wipe clean barrier capable of resisting almost anything life can throw at it for up to 20 years.

If your walls suffer with damage, dirt or defacement or if you’re interested in saving money then contact us to arrange a free demonstration today - 01302 623193

Imagine the money you will save by not having to redecorate for over 20 years!

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