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19 October 2010

Council’s, Housing associations and School’s all need to reduce costs in light of the forthcoming budget cuts.

Hearing that fills most companies with dread but here at Urban Hygiene Ltd we have been delivering savings for over 10 years. Our innovative product range ensures the job gets done with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

Our award winning easy-on protective coating has saved 1000’s of Schools, Councils and Housing association’s money by extending building redecoration intervals and enabling the lighting quick removal of graffiti where necessary. easy-on often pays for itself within the first year and continues to return a 100% saving year on year for up to 20 years. Consider how much money you could save on redecoration if you switched to a paint that lasted for 20 years and looked great throughout?

Similarly our powerful easy-off graffiti remover is being put to good use by councils and contactors by facilitating the express removal of graffiti from any surface. Recent studies have shown using easy-off in conjunction with a pressure washer can speed up the day’s graffiti removal rate by as much as 80% improving efficiency and saving money.

For more information on these or any of our other products please brows our website or call today for a free demonstration.

See savings this year and for 20 years to come.

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