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20 October 2010

After the designing and testing phase, a new case enters the whole EXPLORER CASES range and widen its particular section of instrument cases: MODEL 9413.

Suitable for medium length instruments, as well as photographic lighting, tripods, underwater survey devices, metal detectors and devices used for public security purposes, the new 9413 find its ideal employment in the housing and transportation of instrument kits where easy handling plays an important role particularly in field use scenarios.

Its internal dimensions 939 x 352 x 137 mm and its light weight of only 7.7 kg. make it particularly easy to handle and to keep the overall weight, when fully loaded with equipment, within an optimal balance.

Characterized by a slightly different lid surface design, the case maintains all the standard features of the Explorer Cases range, including double action latches, manual improved purge valve, robust central handle and 2 side handles for a comfortable two man lift if equipment is of a heavier nature.

The versions available will be the following:

9413.BE Black empty

9413.B Black with pre-cubed foam

9413.GE Green empty

9413.G Green with pre-cubed foam

9413.BE.DL Black empty + two 3-digits locks

9413.B.DL Black with pre-cubed foam + two 3-digits locks

As with the whole of the Explorer lifetime-guaranteed cases, Polyformes can produce bespoke foam inserts to house all of your products. Please call us for more information 01525 852444.

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