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Why Have a Bidet?

21 October 2010

Firstly, what is it?

Bidet is an old French word meaning “to trot”, and relates to the way in which one sits on bidet – similar to riding a horse. Bidets have been around since the late 17th century, and appear to have originated in France, possibly initially used by the French Royal Family, and usually found in the bedroom.

With improvements in modern plumbing, the bidet moved to the bathroom in the early 1900s. Bidets were usually found only in grand homes, and were certainly not something available to ordinary people.

Although bidets are found in many southern European countries, and almost everywhere in the Arab world, they have only recently regained popularity in the UK, and are now becoming more commonplace in contemporary households.

So why have one?

Bidets are very similar in appearance to a toilet, but functionally are more like wash basins. Designed primarily to wash the genitalia, buttocks, and anus, bidets can be used for a variety of other uses. They are very convenient for washing feet, washing underwear and  in one bizarre case, even as a beer cooler!

Bidets are small and it is usually easy to move around them, so they are also often used as an alternative to a baby bath. You can easily hold your baby in the bidet without worry about it drowning or falling over. It is also much easier to clean after use than a conventional bath tub – and it uses less water, for those who are environmentally conscious. Just hold your baby in the bidet by its waist while you wash it.
Ultimately the decision to have a bidet is personal choice. We live in a very hygiene
Conscious world, and having a bidet can make us feel better about our hygiene routines. If you have young children in your home it is well worth considering installing a bidet.
Installing a bidet is not just a more economical option, it is a more hygienic and environmental one as well. A bidet uses water to clean, providing a gentler, more environmentally friendly alternative to paper

Bidets take up very little bathroom space and contemporary bidets are an attractive addition to modern bathrooms

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