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The best flooring for every room in your home

21 October 2010

The rooms in your home are all designed for different purposes, so you need to be sure that the floors you fit are the right ones.

Flooring is a very personal decision and what is perfect for some may not be right for others.

Let’s have a look at what we expect from the floors in different rooms:

o    Bathroom Flooring – As one of the smallest and most uncluttered rooms in the house, it is possible to be a bit more adventurous and dramatic with the flooring in your bathroom. Wood flooring is not a good idea for bathrooms as wood is not very fond of getting wet. For the same reason, carpets are not an ideal choice for the bathroom. Stone and ceramic floor tiles are durable and attractive, making them perfect for bathrooms. The one downside is that they can be cold, but this is easily solved by installing under floor heating. Also be sure to get ones that are not going to be too slippery when wet

o    Kitchen Flooring –the kitchen floor takes a lot of punishment, so it needs to be tough and easy to clean. Hard wood floors are a great choice for kitchens, creating a warm and inviting space that is kinder to legs than ceramics. Hardwood floors become more attractive with age, and are easy to maintain. Stone flooring is also a popular choice for kitchen flooring; from terracotta to marble – there is a vast choice of styles to create the look you want – warm and cosy, sleek and sophisticated, traditional or modern. Other kitchen floor options include laminate flooring – cost effective and durable; vinyl – resilient and inexpensive, vinyl is a good choice for kitchens.

o    Halls, Stairs and Landings – Another part of the house where the floor can take a lot of punishment. One important thing to bear in mind when choosing flooring for this area is light. Halls, stairs and landings can be quite dark, and therefore need a floor that is light and airy. Given the heavy traffic in this part of the house, something that is easy to clean is a good choice. Any of the flooring used in the kitchen would be suitable here, although do consider the noise aspect, as stairs can sometimes be noisy.

o    Living Rooms – Your living room is the showcase of your home and you want a floor that reflects your personality. Until fairly recently there wasn’t any real alternative to carpets, but that is no longer the case. Since the advent of easy to install under floor heating, hardwood floors, marble, travertine and other stone flooring are now serious options for the living room. Another recent innovation is leather floor tiles; full of character and warmth, they are a very attractive option.

o    Bedrooms – Although there is no firm evidence to link asthma to carpets, alternative forms of flooring are being used in a lot of homes throughout the UK. Hardwood is probably the most popular alternative at present, although once again leather tiles can provide an attractive alternative.
Flooring is very much a personal choice and there is a lot to choose from. Take your time and carefully consider the needs of each room before making a decision. Having a new floor fitted is expensive and disruptive. Get the best advice and enjoy your new floor.

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