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Glass Heating Radiators

21 October 2010

Glass heating radiators are the ultimate statement in minimal style and bathroom chic.

Rather than the traditional and rather frumpy radiator design you find in most bathrooms, glass heating radiators are far more economical and stylish. Very often they come with towel heating rails which will ensure you a lovely warm towel to look forward to when you step out of the shower. Glass Radiators are manufactured from toughened safety glass, with heating elements which are invisibly built into the glass.


The heating elements are actually located in the glass, and they are available as electric units and as a part of an existing central heating system. These radiators come in a range of luxurious designs which allow you plenty of options when deciding which radiator is right for your house. Installation is fairly easy, but if you want the perfect symmetry that these radiators promote and know little about radiator installation, you might still want to have a professional do the installing.


Glass heating radiators do not all come as translucent slabs of glass. There are plenty of different patterns to choose from, and a range of different coloured glass so you can be sure that there will be a pattern which is perfect for your home. Glass heating radiators can be wall mounted or floor mounted, depending on the needs of the room you are installing it in, and they also come in a variety of lengths and widths. With all these variables to choose from, you can add exactly what you are looking for to a room by installing a stylish glass heating radiator.  They are also available as mirrors that are particularly effective as bathroom radiators because the heated mirror offers condensation free viewing. 

Glass radiators are modern and stylish alternative to more traditional radiators, and well worth considering if you are replacing your radiators.

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