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E-MES Integreater® gets the cream at dairy processors

29 October 2010

The Integreater® Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System (E-MES) from Systems Integration is to be installed at South Caernarfon Creameries in Wales.

The leading farmer owned dairy co-operative in Wales produces brands of butter, cheese, cream and milk for UK supermarkets and food service suppliers. The co-operative offers a wide and varied product range and were impressed with Integreater’s ability to execute total stock control and traceability.

Integreater®, an Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System (E-MES), is the latest productivity solution for the food processing industry. It is a complete software and hardware solution enabling companies within the food procesing industry to maximise their unique competitive advantage.

Integreater® will replace SCC’s current methods of control, improving accuracy and efficiency to ensure complete process accountability and reduce stock holding. The processor will be able to view accurate, real time data to pin point important product information such as the age, grade, location and value of each item of stock.

The E-MES will automate the processors grading and quality assurance system, updating entire batch records with test results from samples, no matter where products are located on their 37 acre site. This will significantly reduce labour requirements and played an important part in their decision to invest in the system. Its precise measurement of product performance, throughput and giveaway, were also of particular importance to SCC, as was the ability to measure profit and loss for each of their customers, brands and products.

South Caernarfon Creameries Finance Director, Robert Burgess;

“Our team have extensive experience with competing products and feel that Integreater® will enable us to take our business to a whole new level. Integreater® offers more functionality than a standard Manufacturing Execution System and unlike Enterprise Resource Planning software, it has been developed by food processing experts to solve industry specific problems. Integreater® is a unique, long term solution, which will ensure that we have the flexibility to meet changing customer requirements and market conditions, developing the vision and understanding to drive our business into 2011 and beyond.”

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