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Non magnetic Torque Wrench from Norbar proves invaluable for medical equipment maintenance

29 October 2010

The non magnetic Torque Wrench from torque tools specialists, Norbar Torque Tools, is invaluable for medical equipment maintenance such as MRI scanners.

The non magnetic torque wrench is also suitable for applications across a range of industries wherever tools have to be used in the presence of strong magnetic fields.

For MRI scanner maintenance, a torque wrench is required to check the bolts used with the gradient power supply cables. This non-magnetic tool is an important advance for both health & safety and asset protection, because using standard steel tools close to high powered magnets can be difficult and hazardous.

Potential incidents can occur from tools locking onto magnets as well as tools being difficult to work with due to magnetic attraction. In both cases there is serious risk of injury to the operator and damage to sensitive and expensive equipment. The new Norbar wrench is acceptable for the majority of MRI scanners in use today.

Philip Brodey of Norbar explained that manufacturing the Non-magnetic Torque Wrench required carefully selected and tested materials to replace the ferrous components present in standard torque wrenches;

“The new wrench is designed and manufactured to the same high standards as our other torque tools, but has an extremely low magnetic footprint.”

Other maintenance applications where the Norbar Non-Magnetic Torque Wrench will be a real benefit include clean rooms, radar transmission centres, precision magnet equipment, Permanent Magnetic Generators (PMGs), nuclear products and mine sweepers.

Features of the wrench include a range of 1-20 N•m, 10-180, and an accuracy of reading +/- 3% of reading (exceeding all international standards for torque wrenches).

Philip concluded;

“Norbars' Non-magnetic Torque Wrench is one of very few specialist tools available for markets requiring non-magnetic interventions.”

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