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iNet Innovation award earmarked for Faradays' revolutionary Hygienic Depositor

29 October 2010

Food Processing Faradays' pioneering Hygienic Quick Change Depositor (HQCD), has been short listed for the iNet Most Innovative Business in the Wider Food Sector award.

David Walklate, Food Processing Faradays' Innovation Consultant, worked closely with an inventor known to the Faraday and a trusted, inventive engineering company, Sapcote Engineering Ltd, to design the new innovative HQCD.

The design is based on a ‘milking principle’, where only the interchangeable hopper and tube come into contact with the food product. This truly innovative step allows for near instantaneous changeover between food products, eliminating downtime and the possibility of transfer of allergens between products.

This HQCD is the only one of its kind on the market and offers food companies a fantastic opportunity to enhance their business operations; improving efficiency by reducing changeovers, reducing costs by minimising and simplifying the cleaning process and allowing for better hygiene. Each unit will save a manufacturer the equivalent of 34.8 Tonnes of CO2 through reduced waste, energy and water.

The depositor is now undergoing promising trials with major food companies within the East Midlands, with a waiting list of companies who wish to trial the technology. The East Midlands is not yet famous for providing food equipment so the design and implementation of the HQCD would start to improve this scenario and open up the opportunity for East Midlands engineering companies to be placed on the world stage.

David Walklate comments;

“This depositor has challenged the 50 year old current depositor design and addresses the needs of the food manufacturers. I have been there and I know the issues with the current design. The Faraday is really innovative and passionate about serving the food industry and making sure its needs are being met by challenging the status quo and developing unique applications to assist the sector. It is really great to be short listed for such an award and for this innovative design of depositor to be recognised as an innovative technology that can change the UK’s manufacturing process.”

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