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ITM introduce Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fibre Cable

04 November 2010

The FODZFC50-05 LSZH Fibre Cables from L-Com have been added to the ITM Components catalogue.

The new low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) cable reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gases emitted during combustion. Typically used in poorly ventilated areas, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) are becoming very popular where the protection of people and equipment from toxic and corrosive gasses is critical.

All the L-com branded LSZH jacketed cables are ideal for military and military-subcontracting customers because they significantly reduce the amount of toxic gases emitted during combustion when compared with standard PVC jackets. This is essential for confined areas, such as on military aircraft, submarines and shipboard.

Low smoke zero halogen cables are available for a variety of different products such as audio, video, D-subminiatures, fibre optic, firewire, telecom / modular and also USB equipment.

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