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Spill Kits to safely handle any cytotoxic emergency

04 November 2010

Whenever cytotoxics are produced, handled or administered there is the risk of spillage and a suitable spill kit should be on hand to safely clean up and decontaminate the area, protecting personnel and avoiding cross contamination.

Helapet offer a selection of cytotoxic spill kits ranging from Home Spill Kits for patients or staff administering cytotoxics away from the hospital environment, to the Berner Spill Kit XP that is fully compliant with the latest European PPE guidelines for handling cytotoxics.

The standard Berner Spill Kit for liquid spills is now available completely latex free with the option of choosing a larger glove and gown if required.

The Berner Spill Kit XP will safely handle both liquid and powder spills and is supplied complete with safety apparel to protect the operator, absorbent mat to absorb the spill, distilled water to dilute and damp down powder spills and a scoop and tongs for collecting glass and sharp fragments.

All soiled items should be placed in the waste bags provided and disposed of as cytotoxic waste.

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