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Improved Safety in Commercial Kitchens Available To All

04 November 2010

Kitchen Air are pleased to announce their new partnership with Amerex Fire International Ltd.

They are now authorised distributors for their KP and Zone Defence automatic fire suppression systems. They can install Amerex fire suppression into their manufactured ventilation systems or retrofit to existing canopies.

What Is Fire Suppression?

Fire suppression is an important safety feature that minimises the risk of kitchen fire, something that can have devasting effects on a business. It works by detecting fire, automatically cutting gas and spraying a wet chemical directly on to flames.

Who Are Kitchen Air?

Kitchen Air is part of Fleetwood Sheetmetal co who are metal fabrication and ventilation specialists based in Fleetwood, Lancashire (UK). They manufacture bespoke ventilation systems and stainless steel kitchen equipment. Their clients include schools, restaurants, pubs, nursing homes and other establishments across the UK.

Operations Manager, Paul Furnevall said "our kitchen ventilation systems have always kept up with the latest technology, we can now offer premium safety features that are affordable for the small business".

Amerex fire suppression complements the other products that Kitchen Air provide such as gas interlock systems and ultra violet (UV) filtration.

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