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Free from Intertronics - the new Fisnar Robotics Catalogue

09 November 2010

New generation of robots from Intertronics for use in manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production and adhesives application in electronics.

With low cost benchtop robotics playing a significant part in cost-reduced/quality-upgraded small scale production, this new Robotics Catalogue from Intertronics will interest engineers in all industries. Increased precision, shorter time cycles, reduced wastage and more controlled process elements are a few of the benefits achieved by use of the new generation of robots used in manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, as well as adhesives application in electronics. Adhesive application by robot makes adhesives even more cost competitive against mechanical fasteners, especially in the area of bonding glass or other mechanically fragile materials. Especially of note are the F7300N 3 and 4 axis machine with 300x300mm work area which is ideal for form in place (FIP) gaskets, adhesive application, coating, filling and dispensing of potting compounds. Resolution of 0.001mm is achieved in continuous path or point to point motions. The F7300N also features software tip alignment, step-and-repeat functions, all computer addressable via U913 or RS232 interface. The team at Intertronics would also like to introduce the F4200N 3 axis machine with 200x200mm work area – a genuine little sister/brother that packs similar performance and features into an even smaller footprint and budget. Truly “pocket” robots, these and many others are described in the new catalogue available from Intertronics. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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