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09 November 2010

Ever conscious of green issues have sought to accommodate any new product coming on to the market place.

AdBlue® is such a product and was developed to clean engine emissions. Injected post combustion the CO2 is significantly reduced enough to validate its use thus achieving the desired environmental result.

The AdBlue®   tanks which have been developed in conjunction with a leading UK AdBlue® supplier to ensure storage and dispensing in the safe and correct manner. The product is quite corrosive and therefore has to be stored in either stainless steel or High Density Polyethylene (Primary tank) tanks which then sit inside a mild steel bund as a standalone unit.

Capacities start at 5,000 and rise to 30,000 litres. Alternatively the (Primary) tank can be housed within the bund of a diesel storage tank as part of a multi compartment unit thus achieving a single fuelling point for vehicles.  AdBlue® can also be monitored and linked in to the fuelling system.

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