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Above Ground Petrol Storage Tank

09 November 2010

Ledbury Welding & Engineering’s Supervault (above ground petrol storage tank) has undeniably secured its position in the market place.

With its unrivalled performance specification allied to the environmental benefits of above ground storage per se. With an unmatched capacity range of now up to 110,000 litres and with over two and a half million litres of product stored at 100 plus installations, the Supervault  continues to gather momentum against the long-established (below ground) thinking for petrol storage.

Two concentric steel skins and a lightweight concrete interstitial fill, the Supervault is the only tank in the world to attain 4hr fire certification and multi hazard accreditation.

Having installed large capacity Supervaults providing forecourt filling stations for several of the large supermarket retailers, the logical progression was to develop a modular unit capable of 24/7 unmanned operation. Ledbury Welding & Engineering have done just that. With a single tank’s capacity capable of 110,000 litres compartmented as required to offer multiple products and options for 4, 6 or 8 dispensing pumps, the unit can be sized accordingly to suit virtually any site. The environmental advantages of an above ground installation further enhance the Supervault as a practicable solution.

Ledbury Welding & Engineering have not lost sight of the smaller retailer. In remote areas (the highlands of Scotland being an example) the Supervault can be manufactured in a rectangular format, mounted on a skid frame complete with security cabinet and a dispensing pump or pumps. Everything is assembled at our Ledbury factory and can be dropped on site with only an electrical supply connection to be operational. Another advantage is it can easily be relocated should circumstances dictate.

The versatility of the Supervault indisputably boosts its reputation as the safest above ground fuel storage tank in the world.

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