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New applications for unseen technology of sealing sections

10 November 2010

EMKA have found many new applications for the ubiquitous and highly adaptive sealing profile

The often unsung heroes of cabinet sealing, vibration damping, dust exclusion, safety gap fillers and ventilating management – where would engineers be without the ubiquitous and highly adaptive sealing profile? Prominent UK suppliers EMKA Ltd have found this translated to a trend for many new applications. Being at the forefront of cabinet and equipment hardware development allows market leaders EMKA excellent visibility of the sealing requirements presently demanded. It is from this perspective that EMKA have greatly expanded the range of sealing profiles offered within their program since this type of material continues to find an ever-increasing range of applications across traditional control cabinets, through commercial vehicles to railway rolling stock, into specialist disability equipment, health and safety, security and monitoring arenas. The EMKA gasket program now includes in excess of 500 sections with or without spring clip mounting spine for environmental sealing, equipment protection or personnel exclusion. Profiles in neoprene, epdm, PVC, black nitrate and natural rubber cover traditional expanded closed cell (self-adhesive) foam, through wiping blade and bubble or P type sections, to more complex multi-functional and custom designs. This changing role is indicated by increasing requirements for compression locks and up to IP65 sealing. The EMKA sealing profiles incorporate a large number of stock sections and an extensive custom production capability. Many profiles are available as simple mouldings, but it is also possible to have sections moulded onto spring carriers even in small custom quantities. Profiles include wiping designs, fillers and flocked weather strips and supported sections with internal or flange structural support. Specialist considerations regarding shore hardness, tensile strength, recoil elasticity, abrasion resistance and climatic/chemical resistance can also be advised upon and allowed for in custom production. Further information on EMKA products and services may be found at:, where it is also possible to download any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue.

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