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Save Time on Testing and Calibration at Your Facility

10 November 2010

How would your workday change if you had one tool you could use to:

Record an entire day of testing, without ever logging a single reading by hand.
Send one technician to do the work of many.
Easily record intermittent or transient events, capture pressure-to-vacuum transitions, and perform leak testing.
Download data into Excel to diagnose problems, or document equipment performance.
Now, imagine your tool is within easy reach - maybe already in your hand.

Announcing: Data Logging for Your XP2i

Our DataLoggerXP firmware allows you to record entire data sets to the XP2i's on-board flash memory.  At the press of a button, your XP2i becomes a Pressure Data Logger.

Now you can replace your old chart recorder AND your mechanical gauges with one, highly accurate, multi-purpose XP2i.  Using DataLoggerXP, you can record:
At any frequency, down to once per second
Up to 6,000 readings
On Demand, at the press of a button
Average Pressure over Custom Intervals - While Optionally Recording Max/Min Values between Intervals
DataLoggerXP records and timestamps readings and events as they take place.  You can start and stop recording sessions on the keypad - breaking your runs into multiple data sets - or take your data into a neat, customizable Excel template or into a CSV file.

For a Free 100 Data Point Trial you can download the DataLoggerXP software at

Custom Configurations - Free - in 5 Minutes or Less

Download our free customization software.  ConFigXP allows you to customize your XP2i by switching on and off the features you need for your specific application.

When you download ConFigXP at you can:

Enable only the pressure units you use (or define custom pressure units like feet of seawater)
Turn off high & low indication and limit the zero range (or disable the zero button completely)
Limit features to prevent operator error (and password-protect your changes)
Develop a library of configurations for use on specific tasks (and clone the same configuration to multiple gauges)
ConFigXP also allows you to ENABLE the following features:

Convert pressure to display directly as torque
Fast Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) test mode (7 readings per second!)
Leak Rate Testing
Tank Level
Differential Measurement (using two XP2i gauges)

You can simplify your testing procedures, reduce measurement error and start saving time today.  Download ConFigXP at

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