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Eco-Mist humidification system provides rapid payback for Avery Dennison

10 November 2010

Avery Dennison's self-adhesive technology and applications are an integral part of products used in virtually every major market and industry, with product sales in over 89 countries worldwide.

At the Avery Dennison Office Products manufacturing facility in Raunds, Northamptonshire, the well known range of Avery boxed label products are produced and packaged, on reel to sheet converting lines.

One of the major factors determining the efficiency of the process is the smooth delivery of the finished self adhesive label sheets, once they are cut to size from the roll material. This relies upon the cut sheets laying flat, as they pass along to the next stage, but as the two sides of the sheet differ in terms of their hygroscopic properties, there is a tendency for the sheet to curl, unless the relative humidity of the air is maintained within fairly close limits.

The Raunds facility is extensive, at around 15,000 sq. metres, with a 13 metre high roof and to provide an effective humidity control solution throughout this environment presented a unique challenge. The Eco-Mist humidification system, designed and developed by Humideco, was eventually selected and installed in what is thought to be one of the largest applications of its kind in the UK.

The final Eco-Mist design features a 3 zone approach to the problem. EM20 fan units, installed at low level, control the process and roll material areas at 50%rh +/- 4%, whilst EM nozzles, installed at a higher level, maintain background humidity levels above 40%rh.

Following the installation of the system, process efficiency and machine speeds have increased by around 20%, “we are seeing an immediate payback from the system, waste has been virtually eliminated and efficiency is consistently high” reported plant engineer Dan Ponsonby.

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