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Money off coupons in the Lifebox takes over from storing them in a shoebox

10 November 2010

The Lifebox, the new secure online space to store your memories within My Last Song, now has a ‘Special Offers’ section in which companies give an exclusive discount for owners of a Lifebox.

Online retailers taking advantage of this way of reaching the increasing number of people having a Lifebox™ are I Want One Of Those, Flowers Direct, Green People and Totally Hers.

My Last Song founder Paul Hensby says: “The Lifebox is a digital equivalent to the shoe box or file that women in particular used to keep cherished letters, photos, postcards, press cuttings and things they wanted to be remembered by. This was often where they would put the special offer coupons that dropped on their doormats.
“Now they are storing their memories in the Lifebox, so it seemed a good idea to have a section where they could find special offers.

This has the advantage that those offers can be redeemed as many times as the Lifebox owner wants, so it’s of greater benefit to the retailer too.”

Lisa Sykes, Managing Director of Totally Hers, agrees: “This is a good way of reaching people who put their information in the Lifebox and then see what’s in the Special Offers section. It is likely to reach a new market for us without any marketing costs. In the run up to Christmas, this could be very helpful to users of the site and to Totally Hers.”

Hensby is keen that other suitable online retailers put exclusive online offers in the Lifebox. “For My Last Song, it’s a way of adding value to the Lifebox, to retailers it’s a way of reaching an online market and to the customer it’s a way of getting reasonable discounts from reputable online companies.”

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