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Lifebox, the ideal present for young and old to capture and keep their memories so they will be remembered for ever.

10 November 2010

You don’t have to leave your desk to buy one of this year’s most unique presents.

The Lifebox is a secure online storage area where it is easy for the owner to capture a huge range of important information about their lives to hand on to future family members.

It enables the Lifebox owner to organise the memories they want to leave to others so that they will be remembered for ever.
Originally designed to enable older people to ensure their families had the vital information needed when someone dies, it now allows people to organise and store their life histories, achievements, interests, details of friends and family, even their secrets.

Photos, videos, music and scanned images can be added so that people’s lives are fully recorded and securely stored. They can be edited at any time.
Each Lifebox owner gives a unique code to the people they want to have access to the Lifebox, normally at the end of their lives.

The information is then easily retrieved and read. However it can’t be altered.
The Lifebox is available within the My Last Song website. It can be purchased online in a few minutes, the process ending by printing a gift certificate containing the access code as the present you give to whoever you think will appreciate owning a Lifebox.

Paul Hensby, founder of My Last Song, said: “Parents who had a Lifebox told us that it would be a something they would give a child to keep their childhood memories safe so they could go back to see them.
“That encouraged us to develop the Lifebox as a gift that is a unique and useful for somebody who is 8 or 80.
“Older and younger family members will enjoy getting together to populate the Lifebox with family memories and special moments.”

Subscriptions for a Lifebox are £12 for a year; £100 for ten years; and £150 for permanent ownership.

Within each Lifebox is a special offer section with exclusive codes to get discounts from a wide range of online retailers.
This means that within a few purchases from these companies, the Lifebox is paid for with the savings you make.

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