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Integreater® rises to Government challenge

10 November 2010

Systems Integrations' Integreater® software and hardware solution has been helping food producers and retailers to reduce their carbon footprint in response to a Government challenge.

One of the most important aspects in the challenge is the continuous monitoring and reduction of packaging waste levels. To enable this, retailers require information from suppliers to accurately report on the volume and type of packaging used for their stock.

Integreaters' PWRM is designed to allow producers to track the packaging they supply to retailers. The
programme uses sales information from third party systems or other integreater® modules. The solution provides all the information required by retailers, allowing the producer to monitor and reduce their packaging weights.

Systems Integrations' Jodie Service;

“Retailers get the required information efficiently by using this system without the producer having to manually gather data and report using paper-based systems. This allows both the retailer and producer to benefi t from a reduced carbon footprint. As the environment is a hot political issue that is set to grow in importance, our system gives retailers reassurance that their producers are prepared to meet any future challenges with ease.”

Integreater® is described as a complete software and hardware solution that enables food processors to improve
effi ciency, accuracy and traceability. By measuring business critical data, integreater® is designed to provide relevant, meaningful and up-to-the-minute information which allows processors to identify trends and resolve any potential problems before they escalate. Systems Integration also points out that in addition it enables food producers to analyse profi t and loss for each individual customer and product, allowing them to plan effectively to improve business’s profi tability.

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