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Vacuum Lifter from Indeva for 3m height pick and place

10 November 2010

The overhead rail mounted Intelligent Lift Device (IAD) from Indeva, is equipped with vacuum gripper and telescopic handles for picking and placing cardboard cases effortlessly and ergonomically.

Having been called upon by a company, Scaglia Indeva looked to provide a solution for handling large and heavy cardboard cases in their warehouse in a bid to improve productivity and ergonomics. Overhead cranes were previously installed for this purpose, however the operators preferred handling the cases manually rather than keeping a button pressed on the hoist all day long. Manually handling these loads had caused several injuries to the operators, affected productivity and reduced profit.

Being too slow, the hoists did not represent a satisfactory solution and still required the operators to keep their hands in a non-ergonomic position through each operation. A pneumatic manipulator represented a better solution, yet still too slow and also bulky.

The only solution that proved to be able to satisfy the demand for ergonomic, fast, effortless and ideal user friendly handling, was an overhead mounted Intelligent Assist Device (IAD) Vacuum Lifter with telescopic handles.

The Indeva vacuum lifter is auto-weight sensing, auto-balancing and compensates the weight of the load immediately without the need for load pre setting. Handling cases of different weights without interruption for adjusting the system to a new weight is possible as weight compensation occurs in real time. Load positioning is quick and precise as cases are moved as they were weightless without additional force being required when changing direction.

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