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Waterlogic Water Dispenser offers reduced carbon footprint in independent study

11 November 2010

An independent study conducted by environmental consultancy Sustain has established that PHS Waterlogics' WL2000 point-of-use water dispenser has a carbon footprint up to 72% smaller than bottled water coolers.

The full life cycle assessment of a single WL2000 mains water-fed unit and a comparable bottled water cooler looked at the manufacture of the unit, use over a 5 year period, and eventual disposal. The figures returned by the assessment show that the WL 2000 achieved significant carbon savings over the bottled water coolers assessed.

Using a water consumption figure of 72 litres per month, the Waterlogic unit has a full life cycle carbon footprint of just 361kg CO2e/FU, compared to 801kg CO2e/FU for the bottled water units assessed, equating to a 55% carbon saving with the Waterlogic unit. By increasing consumption to 280 litres per month, the Waterlogic WL2000 delivers an even greater saving of 72% (576kg CO2e/FU compared to 2,032kg CO2e/FU). This makes the WL2000 the ideal solution for busy sites such as offices and factories where sustainability is an important consideration.

The Waterlogic WL2000 is an economical and effective point-of-use water dispenser solution offering quality and convenience. Fitted with carbon filtration and BioCote™ anti-microbial technology the unit also delivers superior levels of hygiene and water purification.

The carbon footprint study, conducted by Sustain, was completed in June 2010 and highlighted noticeable savings in consumer use, as well as servicing and repair for owners of the Waterlogic unit. As expected, distribution of bottles (which are usually delivered by lorry or van) added significantly to the carbon footprint of the bottled water unit. The delivery of the equivalent of 72 litres of bottled water a month would require 3.8 deliveries, generating 281kg CO2e/FU compared with just 1kg for the mains-fed WL2000.

PHS Waterlogic managing Director David Matthews;

“As companies and organisations look to reduce their carbon footprint, it is getting increasingly hard to identify ways in which this can be achieved. Companies can make savings through simple solutions such as the reduction of transport and paper usage, and can save energy directly through switching off lights and computers. However, if they want to achieve further savings, it is up to third party suppliers such as PHS Waterlogic to show how this can be achieved. We commissioned this study to show facilities managers and businesses how they can make additional carbon savings. This study shows that moving to a WL2000 mains fed watercooler results in considerable carbon savings over a bottled water cooler and will help to reduce the carbon ‘bottom line’ for companies and organisations looking to make environmental savings.”

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