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Waterlogics' UV purification 'Firewall' system means safer drinking water

12 November 2010

The innovative new advanced UV purification 'firewall' system has been designed by PHS Waterlogic for their next generation of point-of-use mains fed water coolers.

The innovative new UV purification system negates the possibility of back contamination which is a major source of biological contamination.

UV water purification technology uses ultraviolet light to kill water-borne micro-organisms and has been used by many companies as the main form of water purification. PHS Waterlogic has long been at the forefront of in-tank UV and for many years utilised this purification method.

Now PHS Waterlogics' innovative new water purification system, entitled Firewall, improves even its own best in the market UV technology. The Firewall prevents any chance of bacteria migrating into and flowing out of the Waterlogic machine. The system also prevents bacteria from building up in the pipe between the tanks and at the point of dispense. Using Firewall technology, the risk of back contamination due to airborne bacterial contamination and cross contamination is virtually eliminated from all water types, including cold, hot, ambient and sparkling.

Consumer research conducted in Scotland during 2009 discovered that over a quarter of samples from water dispensers in the region showed bacterial contamination. Such contamination presents a health hazard, particularly for those vulnerable. Some of the dispensers tested were located in leisure centres, offices, care homes and schools and it has been suggested that back contamination occurred from the point of dispense as well as from unclean pipes and waterlines.

PHS Waterlogic Managing Director, David Matthews;

“PHS Waterlogic engineers developed the Firewall technology specifically to tackle the problem of back contamination of bacteria and in doing so have delivered a system which ensures that drinking water from the Waterlogic 4 watercooler provides owners and users with the most purified water and peace of mind.”

The Firewall system has undergone a rigorous year of testing at third party laboratories where over 3000 separate and independent tests were conducted using a mix of environmental bacteria. The Firewall technology was proven beyond any doubt to produce the safest drinking water available on the market.

The Firewall UV purification system is available in the PHS Waterlogic 4 series of dispensers – the most advanced water dispensers on the market. The Waterlogic4 range of dispensers also feature BioCote antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of micro-organisms on the outside of the dispenser to further reduce the risk of cross contamination.

PHS Waterlogic are Europes' largest supplier of top quality point-of-use (POU) mains fed water dispensing and purifying systems.

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