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The strong arm of high-security

23 November 2010

Tests confirm Avon Barrier Company’s latest rising arm anti-terrorist security barrier is the strongest manufactured to-date

The strong arm of high-security – tests confirm Avon Barrier Company’s latest rising-arm anti-terrorist security barrier is the strongest manufactured to-date - new EB1400CR Trojan achieves PAS 68 for crash tested barriers - Avon Barrier Company has launched its latest rising arm barrier – the EB1400CR Trojan which is also the strongest barrier of its type it has designed and manufactured to-date. The barrier has been specifically developed to meet threats posed by extreme Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack and offers one of the highest levels of protection available anywhere in the world, states Avon Barrier Company. The new Trojan barrier recently passed comprehensive independent physical testing by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in compliance with PAS 68*, one of the highest criteria – resisting a 7500KG truck travelling at 80kph (50MPH). The barrier can withstand direct impact forces of 1852KJ and its design combines the very highest levels of protection, with ease and speed of installation, thanks to its shallow-mount requirements. It is suitable for sites where central roadway foundations may not be possible or practical. Commenting on the new EB1400CR Trojan, Paul Jeffrey, Managing Director of Avon Barrier Company, said; “As hostile terrorist attacks become potentially more extreme we have designed and produced one of the world’s strongest rising-arm barriers to provide the ultimate in protection. This will ensure that sites are not only protected now, but in the future against rising threat levels. The EB1400CR Trojan barrier offers the convenience of a rising-arm type barrier, with additional levels of protection, thanks to its unique design and construction.” The barrier is available in a range of widths and can be configured to interface with almost all types of control equipment, remaining fully operational even under power failure conditions. With its robust design and heavy gauge construction, the Trojan also provides a very strong visual deterrent to mitigate against hostile attack. Avon Barrier Company Ltd. ( ) design, manufacture and install a range of specialist crash-tested high-end physical security protection including crash-tested barriers, road-blockers, gates and bollards. The company operates internationally and has its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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