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ahs ltd's British Playground Chips - an eco-friendly playground surface

23 November 2010

ahs ltd playground chips are the unsung hero of playground surfacing. They're economical, eco-friendly, durable and long lasting.

ahs ltd’s Hardwood Playground Chips are the unsung hero of playground surfacing. Sourced from sustainable English forests, the Hardwood Chips offer a long-lasting, 100% natural playground safety surface. Being despatched from ahs’ own production site in Berkshire, they’re guaranteed to produce a lower carbon footprint than most other playground surfacing, including Wet Pour and imported European playground bark. ahs ltd’s Hardwood Playground Chip is a premium product that is durable and long-lasting, attractive, and suitable for both urban and exposed sites. As well as being easy to apply and maintain, it complies fully with British Standards (BS EN 1177) and has FSC certification, meaning that the timber is sourced from traceable and well-managed woodland. Available in loose or bagged loads, the chips give playground managers complete confidence that they are getting best value, enhancing the environment and giving kids a safe place to play. Nick Guest, Managing Director of ahs ltd states “In the current environmental and economic climate, we feel that our Hardwood Playground Chips tick all the boxes for playground surfacing. Being sourced locally keeps the carbon footprint down, and its durability and economical price point give the user a great value product which lasts a long time”. For more information on Hardwood Playground Chips from ahs ltd, visit their website or contact Khalid Hareshe on 01797 252 728 - Ends –

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