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Action Storage Partners with Canopies UK

24 November 2010

Storage equipment specialist Action Storage has announced partnership with Canopies UK to supply and install its eXtreme Plastic Lockers™ in schools and other organisations.

Storage equipment specialist Action Storage has announced a joint venture with Canopies UK to supply and install its eXtreme Plastic Lockers™ in schools, colleges and other organisations.

In the partnership, Action Storage will supply customers with its weatherproof, vandal resistant eXtreme® Lockers and Canopies UK will supply cantilever style canopies to provide protection from the rain. Action Storage's eXtreme® Lockers offer many unique benefits over conventional metal lockers. Made from hardwearing polyethylene plastic, they can be stacked outdoors under cover without the risk of them rusting.

This offers valuable space savings benefits, and makes them especially popular with schools and colleges because it enables them to free up space in corridors and classrooms. Ordinarily, stacking lockers outdoors would pose an increased risk of vandalism and theft. The eXtreme® Lockers, however, are exceptionally durable. Their tough hinges are able to resist up to 3200 N (327 kg) of pressure without breaking, which is 7 times the recommended FIRA standard, and can resist break in attempts with a sledge hammer.

EXtreme® Lockers also offer a higher level of hygiene compared to metal lockers. Being waterproof, they can be sprayed clean with a high pressure hose and simply left to dry. Drainage holes in the base allow water to seep through, whilst sloping roofs prevent the accumulation of rubbish on the tops. Whilst eXtreme® Lockers are resistant to the rain, pupils and staff aren't. Consequently, Action Storage has partnered with Canopies UK to provide cantilever style canopies to protect people when they're retrieving belongings from the lockers.

Canopies UK is the country's leading supplier of canopies to schools, colleges, hospitals and buildings. Its cantilever designs require no supporting posts or pillars or special foundations. This enables them to be installed in less than 1 day.

Canopies UK also supply a wide range of commercial shelters, including Cantiports, awnings, domestic door canopies and carports. About Action Storage For almost 25 years Action Storage has supplied shelving, racking and other storage equipment using the latest materials and innovative designs. Its clients include supermarkets, warehouses, government offices, schools and anyone else requiring high quality storage systems throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Action Storage prides itself on its high service levels, and provides a free, unique advice line for discussing your requirements and assessing the perfect storage solution.

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