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Little Plumber admitted to hospital

17 November 2010

The LP4 electronic descaler has been admitted to Luton Hospital where staff accomodation blocks were plagued by hard water and limescale.

Splendid Products, designers and manufacturers of the British made Little Plumber, installed a Little Plumber LP4 water conditioner & limescale remover in each of the accomodation blocks after having been approached by Veridian Housing, who run the 3 accomodation blocks for key hospital staff.

Viridian Housing took over the accommodation 2000, demolishing and rebuiling the 3 blocks, which now house 60 residents per block in addition to a further 36 self contained one bedroom flats in the third block. Veridian also built a further 24 new houses on the Morecambe Close and Lewsey Road sites with accommodation ranging from single en suite rooms to three bedroom houses.

The LP4 is the mid-range commercial unit made by Splendid Products at their factory in Oxford and was chosen not only because it is guaranteed to work but also because of the very easy installation which required no plumbing.

The cost of running the LP4 units, around £3.00 per year, is significant considering the overall saving in maintenence costs, appliance renewals and heating costs.

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