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PHS Waterlogic celebrates 10th birthday

23 November 2010

PHS Waterlogic, Europes' largest supplier of top quality point-of-use (POU) mains fed water dispensing and purifying systems, celebrated its 10th birthday in October.

Part of the PHS Group, PHS Waterlogic was established in October 2000, since then the company has grown to be Europes' leading supplier, offering a full range of watercoolers, high volume water dispensers, hot water boilers and consumables.

When the company was initially established, the Managing Director was Ian Osbourne. Ian was succeeded by David Matthews in 2004, who remains in the post today. Within the last decade PHS Waterlogic has strengthened its position with the acquisition of UK Water, All Water Systems in Ireland, Watercompany in Holland, Watering Well, Hepscott water Systems and Direct Watercoolers among others.

PHS Waterlogic can boast a workforce of over 300 people, including 60 in-house engineers across the UK, making the company the most efficient supplier in the market and prides itself on innovation and customer support. The company launched the market leading Waterlogic 4 unit in 2009 and since then has also introduced Firewall - an innovative new advanced UV purification system which negates the possibility of back contamination – a major source of biological contamination.

In May 2010, PHS Waterlogic announced a partnership with the One Foundation, the charity behind the One range of products and the launch of the One Watercooler. When customers take a Totalcare service package on a One Watercooler, PHS Waterlogic makes a donation to the charity with the aim of financing the installation of PlayPump® water systems for water impoverished communities in Africa.

The initiative has been so successful that installation of the first PlayPump® system took place just two months later. PHS Waterlogic will continue to strive for better water supply, both within the UK commercial environment, as well as in water impoverished areas.

PHS Waterlogic continues to strengthen its position in the marketplace through innovation, the development of new products and by offering superior service to its customers. The company looks forward to the next ten years of serving the UK and Europe with the best water dispensing units.

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