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Unitemp introduce Humidity Thermal Shock Chamber

23 November 2010

The new high quality Humidity Thermal Shock Chamber launched by Japans' ESPEC Corporation is available from UK test chamber specialists Unitemp.

Designed primarily for the Automotive Industry, it is ideal for testing integrated electronics and microcomputers incorporated in modern vehicles. Electronic Control Units, (ECU's), need to be reliable in order to provide efficient control processes for fuel and safety.

Faults in vehicles electronics have been mainly due to system migration and this chamber has been developed to test the reliability and check this phenomenon. After the stress undergone by the specimen during thermal
testing, a dew condensation can be performed in a stable manner ensuring a reliable test for vehicle electronics.

The equipment consists of two chambers with the upper chamber being modified into a temperature and humidity zone, where humidity can be controlled allowing  dew condensation cycling tests immediately after completion of the thermal cycle test.

The high temperature range for the thermal cycle test is 70°c to 150°c, whilst the low temperature range is -70°c to 10°c. The dew cycle test is -10°c to 100°c with 40 to 95% rh. The temperature and humidity
fluctuation is +/- 1°c with +/- 5% rh.

The controls are easy to see and operate and have an LCD. With switches mounted on the right hand side of the door.

Inside dimensions are W650mm x H460mm X D670mm and the weight is 550kg. It is mounted on castors to facilitate ease of movement.

This range complements the extensive range of Unitemp test and monitoring chambers / ovens and they have the expertise to provide 'specials' to customers requirements.

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