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HSS 5% Cobalt TiN pipe cutting blades make a massive difference to production lines

25 November 2010

Addison Saws have introduced Multi-Cut pipe cutters, their newest range of saw blades.

Manufactured from the worlds highest quality M35 (Cobalt) high speed steel (HSS) and covered in unique PVD coatings, nothing can cut through steel pipes and tubing better.

TiN PVD coatings increase the surface hardness and reduce friction, allowing for higher machining rates with minimal need for lubrication and fit all major orbital pipe cutting machines.

The blades are HSS 5% Cobalt TiN coated which increases cutting speed by up to 25%. In addition, the 5% Cobalt improves blade quality and durability allowing more cuts per blade. Addison Saws' new Multi-cut pipe cutters cost on average, 2.5% less than standard pipe cutting blades.

After numerous highly successful trials in the UK and USA, multi-cut pipe and tube cutting blades are now available to buy directly from Addison Saws.

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