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My Last Song and Carers UK are working together to support carers

25 November 2010

Thanks to a newly launched deal between Carers UK and My Last Song, people who buy a Lifebox as a present for someone else can also donate £10 to the charity which will be pay for a vital call that can change a carer's life for the better.

The Lifebox is an unusually useful gift as it enables people to store their memories, life stories, details of friends and family, specially recorded videos and messages, photos and scrapbooks so that future generations can open the Lifebox and have an accurate memory.

The ability to donate to charity will be particularly welcome for people buying the Lifebox as a Christmas gift as the certificate they give to the recipient will have the Carers UK logo on it, turning it into a Charity Christmas card.Carers UK are delighted by the arrangement.

Frances Webb-Thurgood, head of fundraising, said: “My Last Song is a good match as the website covers care issues and age related illnesses.
“The Lifebox is also a very useful facility for people to store the vital information needed by their executors and close family.
“I hope carers and the person they are caring for will collaborate to populate the Lifebox so that the life is captured online and can be remembered for years to come.”

My Last Song founder Paul Hensby says he chose Carers UK because he was impressed with its work in “raising the issues faced by carers, research such as ‘The State of Caring in the UK’ and its use of social media to get its message across to the hundreds of thousands of carers who otherwise would lack support and information to make their lives, and the lives of those they are caring for, better.”

Hensby initially thought the My Last Song Lifebox would be given to older relatives, but says: “We’ve had feedback from visitors who want a younger family member to have a Lifebox so that their childhood memories are saved.”

The Lifebox can be bought for £12 for a year, £100 for ten years or £150 for permanent ownership.

When purchasing the Lifebox as a gift, an option is available to add a donation to Carers UK, and when the donation is made, the charity’s logo appears on the gift certificate that the purchaser prints off and gives to the recipient.

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