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Waterlogic initiative provides clean water for African primary school

02 December 2010

The first PHS Waterlogic sponsored PlayPump® has recently been installed at a South African school and is providing clean fresh water for the school children there.

In May 2010, PHS Waterlogic announced a partnership with the One Foundation, the charity behind the One range of products and the launch of the One Watercooler. When customers take a Totalcare® service package on a One Watercooler, PHS Waterlogic makes a donation to the charity with the aim of financing the installation of PlayPump® water systems for water impoverished communities in Africa.

The PlayPump® water system is an ingenious device which uses a specially crafted childrens roundabout to pump water from deep underground. As children play on the roundabout, the circular action draws water up from the ground to be used for drinking, washing and cleaning.

The newly installed PlayPump® has been installed at Khojane Primary School on the western border of Lesotho. The school, which has 250 pupils, also shares the water with a further 1800 adults and children in the community. The PlayPump® will produce so much clean water that the school and community will now be able to start a vegetable garden and clean the school bus.

PHS Waterlogic Managing Director, David Matthews;

“We are delighted that the first installation has come so soon after the One Watercooler / Totalcare® scheme was started. The scheme reflects our firmly held belief that people everywhere have a right to clean water. Our customers who have taken a Totalcare® service package receive piece of mind that their One Watercooler receives the best support and through their actions they are directly helping communities in areas of the world which are less fortunate. Everyone involved should be very proud of this achievement and we look forward to subsequent PlayPump® installations.”

The One Foundation gives all profits from the sale of its One branded products to fund humanitarian projects in developing countries and to date has raised over £5 million and changed over one million lives. The organisation was founded in 2003 by a group of friends who were concerned that one billion people throughout the world, do not have access to clean water. PHS Waterlogic shares the concerns of the One Foundation and is proud to support the Foundation.

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