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Rowespike vent excellent choice for reconstitution

06 December 2010

When a needle or spike is inserted into a vial, hazardous aerosols can be released.

This is both harmful to operators and can cross contaminate other products in the aseptic area or isolator cabinet. The NEW Rowespike Vent will protect operators and avoid cross contamination and is an ideal choice for reconstituting cytotoxics.

New Rowespike Vent with metal cannula is easy to use for repeated withdrawal and aspiration of cytostatic solutions from vials, bottles and bags.

The metal cannula avoids needlestick injury and will easily pierce bungs and bags for sterile venting purposes and your syringe will conveniently secure directly to the top of the device using the luer lock.

Rowespike vent has a 0.1 micron PTFE hydrophobic bacteria filter for effective sterile venting of cytotoxic and other hazardous aerosols. The vents are ETO sterilised and supplied individually sterile wrapped in packs of 50 pieces with full lot traceability.

For more information on Rowespike Vents and other sterile venting devices in our range, please call 0800 0328 428 or visit

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