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Technical guide on adhesive cure mechanisms from Intertronics

13 December 2010

Understand and gain greater awareness of the issues involved in the use of adhesives for structural bonding

The engineers at Intertronics have noticed that the use of adhesives for structural bonding is on the increase and that there is a corresponding need for greater awareness of the issues involved. For example, to achieve a successful assembly the adhesive must “harden” in the bondline, to provide a joint which is capable of bearing the forces to which it is subjected for its lifetime, whatever environmental factors are thrown at it. Understanding how this works is important both for adhesive selection and specification of the bonding process. To assist in this, Intertronics’ new Technical Guide on Adhesive Cure Mechanisms can be downloaded at It explains what the differing cure processes are and how they affect adhesive choice. Further information regarding Intertronics’ products can be found at

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