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Peter Cox secure aluminium cladding panels

04 December 2007

Cintec masonry anchors have been used by Peter Cox to stabilise modern aluminium cladding panels on an office block in Stockport

Peter Cox Ltd has demonstrated the versatility of Cintec cementitious grout inflated anchors in a recent contract to stabilise cladding panels on a relatively modern concrete frame office block at Stockport.

The aluminium panels with asbestos infill had started to come loose in places due, it is thought, to wind pressure distorting the panels which allowed the original fixings to become exposed to the elements and start to corrode.

The repairs carried out at weekends were undertaken from a mobile elevated work platform and involved drilling through the panels into the concrete beam framework behind to take purpose made stainless steel masonry anchors. (Because of the panel construction the pilot drilling was carried out by licensed asbestos removal contractors.)

When injected with cementitious grout, the polyester mesh sock surrounding the steel bar of the anchor expands significantly and use was made of this feature to create in effect a spacer filling a gap between the cladding panel and concrete beam.

The anchor installation depth had to be precisely calculated to allow sufficient projection of the core rod through the cladding and this was threaded to take a stainless steel washer and fixing nut on the outside. Care had to be taken not to dent the panel when tightening.

Under the windows the available fixing point meant that the anchors had to be drilled upwards at an angle and here tapered washers were used for the external fixings.

Altogether approximately 100 anchors were deployed in scattered locations identified by the client's project engineer and all fixings were finished to match the colour of the cladding leaving the repairs all but invisible.

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