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Another Year and the old Avaya INDeX goes on and on!

05 January 2011

Isn’t it wonderful to have an important piece of equipment – British made (mostly) that almost never lets you down?

You take it for granted: it just sits there working away, day in and day out.  This telephone system cost a fortune when you put it in, possibly 10, 15 or more years ago, but it has paid for itself in spades.

The maintenance costs were always high, but these days it should be the cheapest system in the market place to maintain as spare parts are plentiful and cost a mere fraction of what they used to cost.  If you took out a “Disaster Maintenance contract” with RBM Voice & Data Consultancy, you know how cheap it is, and with a bit of luck this year, it will probably cost you NOTHING!  What sort of a gift is that to hard pressed budgets?

Our “Disaster” maintenance contract is very simple.  You hold on site one of each type of card in your system i.e. a digital extension card, analogue card, line card etc. so that in the event of a failure – you change it.  With most cards this can be simply done without powering down the system. For the simple example above you are looking at considerably less than £200.  If the fault is a little more complex, you call us and we will “Dial in” to your system and identify the fault or make any adjustments required.  We charge £57.50 for this service each time you use it.  No dial in – no cost!  If you need an engineer, then we will get one to you, fast - wherever you are in the country: it’s as simple as that.  If you check your last maintenance bill and see how many times an engineer visited you last year (and I bet it was only once or less) you will be able to see the cost savings yourself.

Many dealers will decry this service and say “What about your personalised processor card?”  Well, I have loads of cards with licenses that can match (or exceed) most requirements, so do not worry on that score.  How long has this service been on offer? We first offered it in 2007 and have refined it a little so we know it works.

In this year of many challenges, cut out unnecessary costs, put that new phone system on hold (that you probably don’t need anyway), and take advantage of a simple opportunity to reduce expenditure painlessly.

David Girling
RBM Voice & Data Consultancy
4th January 2011

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