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Check voltage and more with Megger two-pole testers

11 January 2011

Designed to provide electrical contractors and others who work on electrical systems with a safe and convenient way of checking voltages.

Megger’s new TPT210 and TPT220 two-pole voltage testers are compact, durable and inexpensive. As a further benefit, they offer a range of useful additional functions, including continuity testing, RCD function checking, and two-pole phase sequence indication.

Although they are smaller than the average mobile phone, both testers comply with the requirements of IEC 61010 for CAT IV 1000 V applications, making them suitable for use in any location on low voltage electrical installations. Both also have a built-in safety feature to warn users of dangerous voltages even if the batteries in the tester are exhausted.

The TPT210 tester has a dual-colour LED display that provides ac and dc voltage indication from 6 V to 1,000 V in eight steps. This tester also offers audible and visual continuity checking, and a facility for carrying out simple functional checks on 30 mA RCDs, RCBOs and safety breakers. Compared with many other types of two-pole tester, phase sequence indication has been simplified, and does not require the test probes to be crossed.

Additional features include an integrated torch, an exhausted battery warning indicator and an auto power off function to extend battery life.

The TPT220 tester provides similar functionality to the TP210, but instead of LED indicators it has an LCD panel that displays the actual voltage present over the range 6 V to 1,000 V, ac or dc. The continuity/resistance function also displays the resistance of the circuit under test up to a maximum of 2 kΩ. A data hold feature is provided for continuity/resistance measurements and the display has a backlight that turns on automatically in dimly lit environments.

To ensure maximum safety, both the TPT210 and TPT220 have strongly constructed but easy-to-grip bodies with an IP65 ingress protection rating. GS38 shrouds are provided as standard for the probes tips and replacement shrouds are available separately as an accessory.

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