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Megger’s new multimeter combines safety with versatility

09 February 2011

Safe, accurate and versatile, the new AVO410 digital multimeter from Megger combines rugged yet compact construction with ease of use and a CAT IV 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010,

which means that it is suitable for use in any location on all types of low-voltage electrical installations, including industrial installations.

Small enough to fit easily into the palm of the hand yet tough enough to withstand the rigours of regular use in demanding environments, the new AVO410 measures dc voltage to 1,000 V, ac voltage to 750 V, and ac or dc current to 10 A. All ac ranges are true RMS. In addition, the instrument offers resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges, as well continuity and diode test functions.

A MIN/MAX feature is provided that allows users to switch between minimum and maximum measurements, thereby making it unnecessary to continuously monitor the display to observe momentary fluctuations in readings. A data hold function is also provided, which allows the display to be temporarily frozen.

The AVO410 multimeter has been designed to be intuitive to use and easy to operate even with a gloved hand. Functions are selected with a large clearly marked rotary switch and pushbuttons, and the results are shown on high-contrast backlit display that is easily read even in poor lighting conditions. When first selected, all functions are auto-ranging but manual range selection, which can be advantageous in some applications, is also supported.

The versatility of the AVO410, is further increased by the provision of a serial port that can, with the aid of a suitable lead, be connected to the USB port of a PC. Using software that is available from Megger as an optional accessory, measurements can be captured direct from the instrument allowing it to function as an inexpensive data logger. For use in this mode, the auto-off function, which normally operates after ten minutes of inactivity, can be disabled.

AVO410 compact digital multimeters from Megger are supplied complete with test leads and probes. The leads are made from extra-flexible cable with heat-resistant silicone rubber insulation, and the probes have GS38 compliant shrouded tips.

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