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Trespa Gym Lockers

10 February 2011

Storage equipment manufacturer EZR supplied Trespa Gym Lockers and benches to an exclusive private gymnasium.

Oak Trespa doors lockers and bench seating combined a high quality finish with the practicallity of Trespa with scratch and moisture resistant doors.

Trespa door Gym lockers have solid grade Trespa laminate doors providing a durable locker for the toughest applications including changing rooms and sports centres.
Trespa doors are impact resistant, scratch resistant, moisture resistant and heat resistant. Trespa is available in a wide range of colours and finishes to compliment the decor of any gym or changing room. To find out more about this amazing material visit
Changing room lockers have bench seating in front of the lockers and a reduced height bottom door provides access to the lower compartment, which is partially behind the benches to save space.
The Trespa doors were engraved to provide a locker numbering system that's vandal proof and meets DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requirements.
Engraving of locker doors means that there's no risk of convential number plates being damaged or removed and larger digits makes identification easier for a visually impaired person.
Black engraving in the solid grade laminate contrasts against the oak finish and looks great. This is not only practical but DDA compliant.
Latch locks were fitted to the Trespa doors so that gym users could provide there own padlock preventing the issue of lost keys!
4 door Trepsa lockers in the Gym area were ressed to provide an attractive flush 'locker wall'.
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