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IP sealing - gasket profiles for enclosures from EMKA

22 February 2011

Spanner locks, wing handles, stainless steel hinges and extruded profile "rubber" gaskets from EMKA with sealing to IP66 and IP65

As major players in the enclosure hardware market, EMKA are finding increasing demand from specialist panel builders for sealing to IP66 and IP65. Higher levels of sealing are now sought from components such as spanner locks, wing handles, stainless steel hinges and extruded profile “rubber” gaskets in materials such as EPDM, neoprene and PVC. Explains EMKA M.D. Andy Billingham: “A generally higher specification requirement is being demanded in the industry for common items such as quarter-turn locks for outdoor enclosures, also for rail and tunnel applications. This extends to a greater demand for stainless steel locks and hinges where EMKA have a comprehensive range. IP66 as a performance aspiration leader is closely followed by demand for IP65 – often seen as a halfway house between IP66 and the more commonplace IP55 or IP54 ratings.” Typically EMKA have addressed the matter directly with a range of IP66 items such as the Program 1000 quarter-turn locks which are complemented by hinges for flush and lay-on doors as well as extruded profile sealing gasket for doors and glazing of panel windows. Following closely behind this headline rating of IP66 locks is IP65 which is now commonly available especially in stainless steel, since sealing, corrosion resistance and ruggedness frequently go hand in hand as requirements. EMKA’s stainless steel range of quarter-turn clocks, wing knobs, T and L handles, and swinghandles are all IP65 as standard and matched with rod lock mechanisms and hinges also in stainless steel. Compression technology now widely available enables specialist OEMs to “raise their game” on sealing while conferring a high level of vibration resistance - they are also available in stainless steel. An excellent example is the new Program 1000 "Compression Lift-and-Turn" swinghandle style of compression latches which are expected to be of particular value for closure of cabinets/enclosures, especially in air-conditioning or vehicle equipment access situations, as well as other similar applications which require substantial opportunity for adjustment. These new flush fitting compression latches feature extensive adjustment of cam position as well as a variety of matching shaft lengths and cam bends to adjust both overall depth and tightness of pull onto the gasket. This enables great flexibility in fitment, while standard security options include locking, non-locking and tool operation. Single screw saddle clamp fitment accommodates up to 6mm panel thickness with a grip range from 6mm to 56mm dependant upon cam selected and provides 6mm of gasket pull down. Material is die cast, finished in black powder coat, polished chrome or satin chrome. Further information on EMKA products and services may be found at:, where it is also possible to download any part or the entire EMKA product catalogue.

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