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Advanced Nutrition Programme Creator Promotes Healthy Nutrition on TV Tour

23 March 2011

Nutritional supplements that are available from professional beauty centres throughout the UK and Ireland got a boost when popular nutritional expert Patrick Holford appeared on TV last week to promote his new book The Feel Good Factor.

Patrick developed the Advanced Nutrition Programme range of supplements specifically for beauty therapists to help clients achieve better results from their topical skincare programmes by better nourishing their bodies too.  He has been in Ireland giving talks and appearing on TV and radio programmes during which he recommended some of the key nutrients that are important not only for mental and physical wellbeing skin but also for skin.

Most notably, he appeared on The Late Late Show on RTE and TV 3’s Ireland AM news show, where he explained that high levels of depression in a population is associated with low consumption of fish, and oily fish in particular.  With the recession hitting everyone hard, he pointed to the need to consume more oily fish, which contains high levels of mood boosting omega 3.  Patrick particularly recommended people enrich their diet with fish oil supplements, vitamin D, B vitamins and chromium as nutrients that have effects in the brain which help us to feel happier.

According to Advanced Nutrition Programme nutritional consultant Lorraine Perretta, customers having been seeing the benefits of taking the line’s multi vitamin and mineral Pro-Vitality Formula and Skin Vitality 2 supplements, which contain all of these ingredients.  “People who take these supplements report that they are happier both with their skin and within themselves.”

Phone 020 8450 2020 or visit for more information about the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin and Wellbeing supplements ranges, available from the International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa).

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