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TME Recommends New Thermometer Range for Facilities Managers

28 March 2011

UK thermometer manufacturer, TM Electronics, has launched a comprehensive Building Management Temperature Range specifically designed for building and facilities Managers.

Managing Director, Tom Sensier, says: “TME’s new range of thermometers, probes and temperature kits is ideal for modern facilities management. If your company maintains offices or factory plant, manages water testing operations or you employ building managers, HVAC engineers and caretakers, you need reliable, accurate temperature equipment – and this is it!”

In all buildings, correct temperature is critical for both the health of the building and for the wellbeing of its users.
•    Servicing heating and cooling systems
•    Monitoring water temperature for legionella risk management
•    Controlling the storage of temperature-sensitive stock
•    Monitoring ambient room temperatures
•    Performing energy audits

Regular use of quality thermometers and probes is essential for monitoring building services and for meeting health and safety regulations eg AC0P L8

Compatibility and value for money

Ease of use and compatibility throughout the range is key to the TME approach, saving you money and ensuring a more cost-effective investment – hence a number of key benefits are offered as standard.
•    Quality you can afford
•    Robust UK manufacture
•    Specialist kits for service engineers
•    Quick and easy operation
•    FREE expert advice
•    No minimum order requirement
•    Next-day delivery
•    Low-cost servicing and repairs

TME supplies off-the-shelf equipment or bespoke designs to suit all budgets, with volume discounts as standard. Don’t put it off any longer – get a FREE quote today.

For more information contact our sales team on (0)1903 700651
To see the details or place an on-line order visit

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