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Hooray! Forward into a new financial year.

12 April 2011

If you are the lucky user of an Avaya INDeX telephone system, you have presumably made the decision to retain this reliable (and very cost effective) telephone system for another year.

There are times when it is not a bad idea to follow the lead that many departments of Local  Government have been forced to accept, and that is to cut back on capital equipment spending and stay with equipment, that although old, still works and works well.  Having made that decision, how can you capitalise on that decision? Here are a few ideas.

1.    Reduce the cost of your maintenance contract without compromising on the service quality. We could probably reduce your maintenance costs to less that half of your present contract or, to reduce even further, implement our Disaster recovery” service. Ask for a quotation today.

2.    Have your handsets refurbished so that they work better and look almost new.

    They can be refurbished in a few days with NEW inserts &  cords for only £10 each

3.    Add services to your existing system. e.g. Voice mail or Auto attendant.

A fully integrated voice mail can add a professional look to your telephone     answering image and make it perform like a new system.  Today it only costs a     fraction of what it was originally priced at.

The above ideas are just a few of the ways that RBM can help you.  We were established in 2003 and have now become one of the largest suppliers of INDeX 2nd user equipment in the UK. All of which have been tested, cleaned and come with a “No quibble” 90 day warranty.
The DT3’s  and 2030’s are the most popular handsets  and they can be purchased or we can refurbish your own handsets.  In both cases, they are stripped down and cleaned, new inserts and curly cords added.  The hand pieces are cleaned separately and then re-cleaned using an antiseptic solution.  The entire unit is then rechecked and electronically tested.  We then shrink-wrap them to keep them in pristine condition, bubble wrap and put them into boxes which are bar-coded for easy stock control.  There are NO markings on them (RBM) so they can be resold (if you are a reseller) or we will box and label them into your boxes if you wish (at no extra charge)

As you can imagine, this service is very popular, however, we still turn  around your repairs within 5 days or supply replacement items overnight if we receive your order before 2.00pm.

Please checkout our website:  or call us on 01189-697712

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