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Environ Introduces Specialised Body Roller to Treat Large Areas

14 June 2011

Following on from the incredible results achieved with micro-needling of the face Environ has now introduced the Body Roll-CIT, a revolutionary new instrument to treat larger areas based on the same principle of collagen channelling.

The orginal 1mm Roll-CIT was designed by Dr. Des Fernandes, leading South African plastic surgeon and founder of the Environ Skin Care range, to provide highly effective treatments to promote natural rejuvenation of ageing, sun-damaged and scarred skin.

The unique new body roller features a patent pending, component designed by Dr Fernandes so that skincare and medical professionals can easily treat large curved surfaces on the torso, arms and legs.  The hand held device takes into account the fact that no surface of the body is flat. It consists of two roller heads that are tilted at an angle to allow for greater coverage. It is particularly effective in treating larger surface areas quickly as the time for needling is decreased due to the simultaneous action of the two heads.

Dr Fernandes pioneered the process by which skin is pierced with multiple fine needles to initiate a healing response and trigger natural processes that result in smoother, firmer and plumper skin, with reduced lines and wrinkles.  

The tiny micro-channels created by the device also enhance penetration of the active ingredients in the Environ products that are applied following each needling treatment and also at home.  These reach the depths of the client’s skin, where they are most effective, while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own natural collagen and elastin production.

There are two types of Environ Body Roll-CIT, featuring either 1.5mm or 3mm needle lengths.

The 1.5mm Body Roll-CIT is designed to treat lax skin and can be used on the arms, abdomen, upper and lower arms and the crepe skin in the front part of the elbows, or inner thigh skin. It is also the ideal treatment for stretch marks.  A topical anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treating the skin.

The 3mm instrument has been devised for use by doctors and surgeons to use for acne scars on the back and chest and for lax skin all over the body, and gives excellent results on stretch marks. For smaller areas, the procedure may be done with topical anaesthetic. When used for extensive areas, a general anaesthetic is required.

The Environ Roll-CIT tools and training courses in Collagen Stimulation Therapy™ (micro-needling) are available at the International Institute for Anti-Ageing.  For further information, call 020 8 450 2020 or visit

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