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Easy-On goes global

20 July 2011

Artists from around the world paint these globes to raise peoples awareness of Global Warming.

Following in the (large) footsteps of The Elephant Parade the “Cool Globes” project is a public art exhibition designed to raise people’s awareness about climate change.

The event sees artists from all over he world adopt, paint and then exhibit their own unique “Cool Globes”. Members of the public are invited to get hands on with the touring exhibitions and in doing so learn more about climate change solutions and how we all can make a difference.

The Cool Globes project has been covered by the national presses from Vancouver to Copenhagen resulting in thousands of people visiting the globes. Naturally this leads to a fair bit of wear and tear and that’s where easy-on helps out. easy-on is a clear protective coating proven to last in excess of 20 years.

Graffiti, scuff marks, dirt and UV are all repelled by this fantastic non-stick coating so art installations such as these look great for generations to come. If you get chance the “Cool Globes” really are a must see so visit to find out where your nearest site is.

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