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Companies are changing to the Greenest Cost Effective Hand Dryers

07 November 2011

Environmentally-minded companies are insisting on the greenest hand dryers, whenever they need new hand dryers, or refurbish their washooms.

Thus reducing their carbon footprint and probably helping cut absenteeism through illness too. Companies can easily waste energy and cause pollution, but with a little forethought and effort can just as easily slash their energy cost and minimise their landfill.

Institutions today, are keen to ensure that green materials, procedures and equipment are to the fore. They were particularly worried that hand drying, though essential, could be harmful to the environment. Conventional hand dryers waste energy, paper towels create rubbish and roller towel servicing necessitates industrial laundries and many vehicle movements.  So companies are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions. Using the Mach 2 Jet hand dryer from FHD Online is the 21st Century solution to their worries. With only a 650w motor and drying time of  7 to 9 seconds; meaning 1000 dries for just 20p... you would need to pay £52.86 for the same amount of dries using paper towels*.

A normal hand dryer blows warmed air over the hands to evaporate the water. A jet hand dryer is Completely different: you slip your hands into a generous sized slot, which triggers a high speed
air blast that blows the water off and isolates it in a receptor tank at the base of the machine.

A normal dryer frees bacteria on the hands into the atmosphere, and the warmth can encourage them to multiply and they can then easily transfer from person to person, with the resultant "mini-epidemics" many companies suffer from in winter.”

Significantly, with the Mach2, hand drying takes about 7 to 9 seconds which is less than a quarter of the time it takes with a traditional warm air dryer. This prevents bottlenecks at break or lunch time and reduces the incidence of staff with wet hands wiping on a toilet roll – a real hygiene no-no.

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