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Weiss Gallenkamp launch new Solar Test Chambers

10 March 2008

Weiss Gallenkamp have added test chambers for Solar & Photovoltaic testing to our product portfolio.

Solar Energy is considered forward looking and progressive and for this reason, a large number of companies are now working in the field of manufacturing products for the use of solar energy.

The aim of environmental testing is to examine the suitability and service life of these products for their future use subject to the influence of temperature, air humidity and light for example. Tests tailored to this objective are used both in the framework of type approval and in quality control accompanying the production process.  Laboratory testing has to be able to provide reliable statements within a period of time which should be as short as possible. An acceleration of the effects of the ambient influences which occur during the use of the products is required (acceleration).  In this context, the reproducibility of the results achieved has the highest priority.  Test Chambers with an extra-wide test space. This series is characterized by its compact and modular design.  Several basic versions are available as temperature conditioning and climate versions with test space volumes of between 2.6 to 3.4 m3 and a temperature range of between -70 °C to +180 °C.

Dimensions and outputs can be adjusted to the customers' requirements if needed. In the temperature range of +10 °C to +90 °C, a relative humidity of 10 to 98% RH can be achieved, as can temperature change rates from 100 °C/h to 200 °C/.

With our control and feedback control system S!MCON/32-NET*, the temperature of the PV modules can be measured by assigning up to 4 movable temperature sensors.

Test Chambers with an extra-high test space.

The test chambers with the high design also have a compact and modular design. In this, too, there are several basic versions. Test space volumes of between 2.0 and 2.7 m3 and temperature ranges from -70 °C to +180 °C are attainable.  The wide variety of our test chambers and systems enable us to always offer you the perfect solution, regardless of the size of the PV modules.  Tall test systems (high test space) are especially suitable for large PV modules.  These walk-in versions are not only compact but also enable easy handling of your PV modules.  Our walk-in test chambers can be adjusted to our customers' individual requirements in terms of dimensions and output.  The test chambers can be assembled into one unit from prefabricated modules (test chamber, temperature conditioning and climatic equipment, air conditioning module, control unit) on site. As an alternative, there are test chambers of a compact design which are manufactured as complete units, tested and commissioned, including functional testing and trial operation, within our factory.  They are delivered as one unit which is ready for connection.

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