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Leading food companies are looking for ways to do away with paper towels in their food handling areas.

17 November 2011

John Marshall the Sales Development Manager at Fast Hand Dryers recently visited a subsidiary of Cadbury and met with the Continuous Improvements Manager Colin Postlethwaite.

He explained that they are trying to get away from using paper towels, due to their cost and the problems they cause to environment. He did not like the idea that after being used once they are sent to landfill; not to mention the issue with them spilling out of the waste bin and all over the floor. He informed John he was looking for an environmentally friendly alternative.

John explained the Mach2 Jet blade Jet Hand Dryer is a leading edge alternative. Instead of painfully slow evaporation, the dryer creates a high speed sheet of air, which blasts your hands dry. It’s very quick and it’s very clean”. By using high velocity sheets of unheated air, hands are dried in just ten seconds whilst, at the same time a pre filter removes contaminants in the atmosphere. So unlike conventional warm air hand dryers, they do not blow bacteria back onto freshly washed hands. It also has an optional heating element, to operate in cold environments.

The Brushless Motor; doesn’t rely on carbon brushes and lasts as much as 7 times longer than conventional hand dryer motors. As a result, it can save around 100,000s of paper towels each year. As well as use up to 80 per cent less energy compared with conventional hand dryers.

After trying the Mach2 Jet Hand Dryer, Colin was so impressed at drying his hands in less than 10 seconds, he asked Tony Carter the Technical Manager to marvel at its technical ingenuity. A number of other colleagues tried the dryer and all said “it does what it says on the tin” and were satisfied with its performance. He will be making a decision to purchase after comparing performance and costs with a Dyson dryer, but feels in terms of cost the Mach2 blows away the competition.

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